The goal of the Beauty Insider Sweeps was to get people excited again about Sephora’s loyalty program and bring a fresh new look to it. The Beauty Insider program has been a long-standing aspect of the Sephora brand and the use of animations was meant to attract more people to enter the sweepstakes and to make use of the popularity of Instagram stories and Facebook carousels.


During my summer internship at Sephora, I worked with the Internal Branding team to bring a new look to the Beauty Insider loyalty program and introduce new monthly sweepstakes. As a team, we all worked to push the brand guidelines and came up with a new use of Sephora’s iconic stripes and dots to create depth and motion across both static and dynamic designs. My team and I started off with creating static programmatic banner ads and from there worked to produce animations to be used on social media.


Insta Sotry Mockup-01-02
Carousel Mockup-01