Compared to all of the currencies around the world, the American currency has become a little outdated and not very innovative so I decided to redesign it. I decided to use the icons in my life that I look up to today as a woman of color. The goal was to create a currency design that looks official, not like monopoly money while exhibiting a fresh and modern style.


As I looked into who I would like to honor on my new currency it was a no-brainer that Beyonce Knowles came into my mind as a huge fan of her music. Beyonce is not only one of the world’s biggest female artists, but she has dedicated her fame to help other people of color and help empower women. Similar to Kendrick Lamar, who has been very vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and who won a Pulitzer award for his latest album, Damn.

My intention was not to create celebrity money, so I dedicated the back of the bills to specific lyrics in their songs that speak towards their activism as well as specific imagery in their music videos.




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