In an effort to support the 2020 Presidental campaign, Win Black/Pa'Lante was searching for a range of artists and videographers based in different swing states to create content that could help encourage others to vote and increase voter turnout. I was contacted for the opportunity and was brought on as the only motion designer in the group. I was selected to create a piece that would specifically resonate with other Arizona citizens and bring my own unique experience to help others understand why it was important to vote in the 2020 election. 


As a young voter, I wanted to bring light to a feeling we all faced in 2020, hopelessness. The year took a toll on all of us and an overwhelming response amongst eligible voters before the election was fear and skepticism, on whether or not their vote matters or if it will even make a difference. I saw this commonly along with other young voters who have lost the drive to participate in this election amongst the other hardships going on in the world. I aimed to emphasize important reasons why our votes matter and create a strong feeling of empowerment to our audience, regardless of status, race, or age.

I wanted my video to promote our reason to vote shouldn’t be because we are shamed or forced into it, but because we want to stand up against the forces who do not want to see minorities rise up and vote, to speak up for those who unable to vote, and because when we all vote change is evident.

In order to avoid making the video seem generic, I made the decision to include Spanish and create separate versions to address Arizona’s large Hispanic community and include those who may only speak Spanish in the state. I also focused on only using photography of events, protests, marches, or other significant events that happened within Arizona. To help make the video and content more engaging I also focused on using vibrant colors apart from the traditional red, white, and blue, to make voting more about what it means to the individual and represent different cultures that make up the population.